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Video security camera interface

BNC BNC connector is a connector used for coaxial cable, used for radio frequency signal transmission. Mainly used for coaxial analog cameras, SDI digital cameras, DVR video input/video output and other interfaces. According to the appearance, it is generally divided into two types: male and female. BNC, the full name is Bayonet Nut Connector (Bayonet […]

How to calculate the file size of security video

Basic concepts Let’s make a few concepts clear. In a computer system, bit is the smallest unit of data storage in the computer, representing binary bit. A binary bit can represent 0 and 1 states. At the same time, the computer stores and interprets information in bytes, and stipulates that a byte is composed of […]

The internal structure of the security camera

As mentioned in the previous chapter(Security camera classification), according to the different output video signals, we can divide security cameras into three categories: analog, digital, and network. Different types of cameras have different internal components and mechanisms, such as analog and digital cameras, which only have image processing and no video image encoding. The internal […]

Transmission in Surveillance Security

Transmission is signal propagation through various means (via media such as wire, coaxial cable, microwave, optical fiber, or radio frequency, etc.). There are two points in this. One is the means of transmission, that is, the transmission medium used, and the other is the signal to be transmitted. The signals that need to be transmitted […]

AI function in security video surveillance

AI is everywhere. Artificial Intelligence AI–>Machine Learning ML–>Deep Learning DL–>Computer Vision CV, and the realization of AI intelligence functions in security mainly rely on computer vision to realize the understanding and recognition of images, speech and text. The AI ​​function is mainly affected by the three factors of algorithm, computing power, and big data.AI functionAI […]

Thurder Protection in Security Video Surveillance System

Thunder protection is a systematic project. In addition to various devices themselves, they need to have certain thunder protection and surge protection capabilities. In the engineering design and installation of security systems, attention should also be paid to the thunder protection of equipment and systems. Thunder hazardThunder and lightning is a very spectacular sound, light and electrical phenomenon in nature. […]